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What can I possibly say about London that hasn't already been said before?  It's a massive metropolis with thousands of years of history within its heart.  You could live in London for years and still never get a chance to see and do everything that this incredible city has to offer.

Planning our time in London was a little daunting for me.  It's the biggest city I've ever traveled to and it just has sooooooo many options, it was really hard to decide where to spend our limited time there.  I can't tell you what "the best" things are to do or see - honestly, I don't think anyone really could.  What I will say, is that no matter what your interests are, London definitely has something for everyone!

Every day we spent in London we saw things that I've read about in books and seen so many times in movies.  It was a humbling experience and at times it didn't feel real.  Some of my favorite time spent in London was when we would find ourselves on a quiet, empty street and we could really just enjoy the beauty of this city.  Obviously, most of the popular attractions are within the city center and are always bustling with other tourists.  But when you take the time to explore the more remote streets you can sometimes find the best spots.  

If you're planning a trip to London, here are my suggestions for 4 days in London!

Day 1

Arrive in London
London Eye - Champagne Experience

Day 2

Westminster Abbey
Cocktails at The Blackfriar
Play at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

Day 3

Kensington Palace
Lunch at The Churchill Arms
Tower of London - The Ceremony of the Keys
*Quick Tips for The Ceremony of the Keys

Day 4

Hampton Court
Windsor Castle & St. George's Chapel

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The London Eye - Champagne Experience

The London Eye - Champagne Experience

The Ultimate U.K. RoadTrip Itinerary

The Ultimate U.K. RoadTrip Itinerary